Who Represents Me?


If you live in Congressional District 2, you are represented at the State and Federal levels in the following ways:


At the state level;

 - All voters send two at-large Senators to Washington

 - All voters elect the Governor of the state of Minnesota

 - All voters elect other state-wide officers, such as Attorney General and Secretary of State


Minnesota is divided into eight Congessional Districts. Each sends one congressman to Washington. CD2's Congressman is John Kline.


Each Congressional District is comprised of many State Senate districts. Each sends one Senator to St. Paul.

Each of these Senate Districts has two 'House sides' - A and B. Each 'Side' sends one Representative to St. Paul.

See the Elected Leaders page on this website to view all of CD2's state Senators and Representatives.

In addition, you will elect judges and local representation to school boards, city council, county commissions, etc.

Click here to see a DIAGRAM of how a sample CD2 BPOU is represented


POLLING PLACE and DISTRICT LOCATOR (Secretary of State website)

(This link will also give you your MN Senate and House districts, County Commission and Judicial districts.)


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