Some time between the middle and the end of October, the federal government will reach a hard limit on the amount of debt it can issue, and its ability to finance governmental operations will be affected. Confusion about the debt limit abounds, and this Issue Brief will address some common questions.

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MNSure rates 22% higher... than health insurance already available.

Asking the right question is just as important as getting the right answer. 

Case in point? MNSure devotees asked themselves: How do MNSure’s rates compare to other states implementing Obamacare?
The real question: How do MNSure’s rates compare to what’s already available to Minnesotans?
The real answer:

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By Greg OConnor - September, 2013
SUMMARY:  Because of the fast changing major events of the last month, I have set aside my report on:
  • Edward Snowden's TWO oaths of office
  • Medical Marijuana & the Federal Nullification movement, and the Tribal Casino Monopoly / Reservation Drug Problem.

  Instead I will report on:

  • Kenya - Somalia & al-Shabaab, the Budget Fight, ObamaCare, Sen. Ted Cruz
  • Highlights on the Syrian Situation.

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September 29, 2013

Dear Friend,

Last night in Congress, I supported legislation which passed the U.S. House of Representatives, H.J.Res. 59, to keep the government running and protect all Americans from the devastating affects of ObamaCare by delaying the President's health care law for one year.

This is the second time in eight days the House has voted successfully to keep the government running, ensuring basic services essential to millions of Americans continue to get funded. I encourage the Senate to take up this critical legislation and send it to the President. But in the event the Senate does not stop a government shutdown by Monday night, I was pleased to support additional legislation yesterday (H.R. 3175) that ensures our sons and daughters in uniform would still get paid.

I am disappointed it has come to this. Washington must set aside the partisan bickering and political brinkmanship and do what's best for our country so critical government services and programs keep running.


John Kline
Member of Congress

Courtesy of MNGOP

The REAL TRUTH about the government shutdown is that Senate democrats REFUSE to act!

September 20 - House Republicans pass a bipartisan Continuing Resolution (230-189) to keep government running at current spending levels and defund the Affordable Care Act. SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

September 28 - House passes another Continuing Resolution to keep government open and avoid a shutdown.
Republicans attempt to negotiate with Democrats and agree to delay implementation of Obamacare for 1 year. SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

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September 21, 2013
As we continue to knock down individual members from the long list of liberal talking points, another we can add to the scrap heap of history is that Republicans are the "party of the rich."  

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Content courtesy of MNGOP

The only thing you really need to know about Obamacare and Minnesota’s version of Obamacare, MNSure, is that:

Congress and the Minnesota Legislature will not have to use it.

Of course there is much more that is wrong with Obamacare and its Minnesota version, MNSure, but the sheer volume and magnitude of the problems make it hard to sort out.  So in the end, this is all you really need to know!

But for those of you trying to keep track and understand the massive implications of this government takeover of our healthcare industry, here’s a top ten.

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Child care union law blocked by federal appeals court

This post is from the Hot Dish Politics blog

Blog post by: Jim Ragsdale                                   

Updated: September 19, 2013 - 6:33 PM

A hotly-contested law that was to allow in-home child care providers to vote on whether to unionize has been temporarily blocked by a federal appeals court.

Officials of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, which is representing Minnesota providers who oppose unionization, said they received notice late Thursday that their motion for an injunction blocking the law was granted by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

According to lawyers for the group, that means the child-care union election cannot take place until the injunction is lifted. The appeals court said it wants to wait to see if the U.S.Supreme Court decides to hear an appeal on a related case dealing with unionization of home-care workers. That case is called Harris v. Quinn.

Jennifer Parrish, a plaintiff  in the suit who is campaigning against union, said,  “I am on cloud nine. This is exhausting. Having to get out there and educate providers. It's become a fulltime job. Having law enjoined at least gives us bit of security knowing they can’t bring us an election any time soon.”

Jennifer Munt, a spokeswoman for AFSCME, the union seeking to organize providers, said the union will continue its work "full steam ahead."

“This one-sentence decision has nothing to do with the merits of the case," Munt said. "It’s a temporary roadblock that doesn’t stop us from organizing. We are moving full-speed ahead because child care providers want a union."

Officials of the Legal Defense Foundation said the ruling only blocks the unionization of child-care  providers and does not affect personal care attendants, who are covered by the same law.

"Today's ruling from the federal appeals court is the first step to remedy the injustice done by Democrats to the hardworking childcare providers and parents of Minnesota, said a statement from Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, a former provider who opposed the law.  "While the legal battle over this law is far from over, I'm happy Minnesota moms and dads and their childcare providers can be breath a little easier for now as the threat of forced childcare unionization is no longer imminent."

This post is from the Hot Dish Politics blog

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — MNsure is under fire, again.

This time it’s because of an employee accidentally sent out an email containing the personal information of thousands of Minnesotans. Specifically, the email contained personal information, including social security numbers, of 2,400 insurance agents.

MNsure caught the mistake, but it’s now under attack for failing to protect the private data.

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It is Honor Flight's goal to help every single veteran in  America, willing and able of getting on a plane or a bus, visit THEIR  memorial in Washington, DC.

The Honor Flight Network's Mission: Transport America's veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit those memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, an estimated 640 WWII veterans die each day. In another 5-7 years almost all of our World War II veterans will be gone. Honor Flight Network will continue do whatever it takes to fulfill the dreams of our veterans and help our heroes travel absolutely free. 

Please visit their website at WWW.HONORFLIGHT.ORG to learn more about the program.




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