John Kline: ‘Illegal immigrants should not be rewarded for breaking our laws’ (Star Tribune): President Barack Obama’s decision to spare young illegal immigrants deportation drew a pointed response from a Minnesota lawmaker. In an email sent to supporters Friday, U.S. Rep. John Kline wrote that Obama “breached faith with the American people by granting amnesty to potentially millions of illegal immigrants. America is a nation of immigrants. Our grandparents and great grandparents came to this country legally to work hard, learn English, assimilate to the culture, and make contributions to this great nation. They would be the first to tell you that we are also a nation of laws and we must enforce our laws,” Kline’s email. “Accordingly, I support legal immigration, but I oppose all forms of illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants should not be rewarded for breaking our laws.”

House Panel Votes to Cite Holder (USA Today): A House oversight committee voted Wednesday along party lines to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt, marking an escalation of the long-running dispute between Republicans and the Justice Department over internal administration documents related to the failed gun enforcement operation known as “Fast and Furious.”

Editorial: Relief from Taxmageddon (Washington Times): Republicans have finally figured out how to corner President Obama on the tax issue. Within six months, Americans will be hit with a $4.3 trillion tax hike supported by Mr. Obama. By moving to pass legislation next month to stop “Taxmaggedon,” the GOP is putting itself on the side of ordinary Americans. The Senate might have enough votes to pass the House’s extension of all rates. The question is whether Mr. Obama is willing to stake his re-election on further harming the economy by blocking it.

John Kline: Let’s Reform Health Care Without Crippling Our Economy (Chanhassen Villager): This month, the Supreme Court of the United States will issue its ruling to fully repeal, partially repeal, or uphold the President’s health care law. Much to the dismay of tens of millions of Americans and the majority of Minnesotans I hear from, “ObamaCare,” as it is commonly called, became the law of the land in March 2010. Over the past two years, the President’s health care law has sent the nation down a costly path of bureaucracy and broken promises. Job crushing mandates, higher costs for families, and more government control – all of which threaten health care coverage for millions of Americans – are the growing legacy of this flawed law. Minnesota families shouldn’t be at risk of losing their health care, and employers should be able to focus on creating jobs, not filling out paperwork.

Food Stamp Fiasco (Wall Street Journal): The next time someone moans about Washington "austerity," tell them about the Senate's food stamp votes on Tuesday. Democrats and a few Republicans united to block even modest reform in a welfare program that has exploded in the last decade and is set to spend $770 billion in the next 10 years. Yes, $770 billion on a single program. And you wonder why the U.S. had its credit-rating downgraded?

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